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Stream of couscous writing.

A script for keeping go up to date on Linux

go code
Some things I want to keep up to date without a package manager. Go is one of those.

Thinking about loss

A chance song reminds me of friends I can no longer hear

Unmarshalling a Unix timestamp to time.Time from JSON in go

go code
Sometimes you don't have control over how the json is formatted, but you still want native types.

Go For a Loop

go code
Visualizing for loops in go

Automatic Hugo Site Deployments With CircleCI

code hugo
Make publishing your Hugo site completely automatic!

Why You Need a Kubernetes Upgrade Path

Keeping Kubernetes up to date can be a challenge, but the alternative can have severe consequences.

Migrating From Blogger

code hugo
Migrating posts from Blogger to Hugo (or something else) turned out to not be as horrible as I first thought.

And now, Hugo!

code go hugo
So I've written more blog migrations than blog posts...

Simple OS X XKCD client with Automator

boring posts
Create a simple website client with Automator

Attaching StringIO Data to a Mailgun Message

code python
Sending StringIO attachments through Mailgun's REST API using python requests or treq

A Picture is worth how many words? Part 1

code python
In which i turn a book into a picture (and other not so useful tricks)

Handy Sale Advertisement Guide.

boring posts life
Ads are everywhere! What do they all mean?

Black Friday.

Thankfulness through face smashing

Theme Uploaded

Posted the code for this theme to github for your convenience

New day, new attempt

boring posts
On how I ported my blog to liquidluck

All of Your Friends are Doing it!

Social pressure marketing to get you to give up your address book.

Mac OS X: When Trackpad Gestures Stop Working

Rethinking Urban Life, Culture, and Startups

The Ghost Writer is... Invisible

The Crusher Complex or How I learned to stop Sheldoning and start loving the Wil

I loved Star Trek as a child. And also Cheerios.