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Mac OS X: When Trackpad Gestures Stop Working

Recently, I have been having problems with trackpad gestures suddenly failing to work, as well as the keyboard shortcuts for switching between full screen apps and spaces (normally, pressing ^L or ^R would switch to the next space or full screen app, but when it stopped working, it would skip full screen apps).

I had been searching for a solution for a couple of days, and had previously been resorting to restarting my laptop. Then I came across this post: Apple Support: mission control gestures fail/don't work after sleep

Markh789This helped meRe: mission control gestures fail/don't work after sleepSep 13, 2011 6:31 PM (in response to mikeydapple)
It appears after repairing my permissions with Disk Utlity has fixed this. Open up Disk Utlity (Found under "/Applications/Utilities/Disk" - But typing "Disk Utility" in Spot Light should open it).

Select your disk (in my case, Macintosh HD) and click on the button that says "Repair Disk Permissions".

Don't even need to restart!
I tried this, and it worked instantly.

Results of Repair Disk Permissions