Keeping the + in Google+

Reading posts on the Internet can be a very depressing thing. I do not quite know what it is, but there is something about the Internet that can bring out the worst in people. If you have not experienced this first hand, all you need to do is post something you like about the presidential candidate you support on a web page somewhere. I can almost guarantee that before too long, someone will come along and tell you that you are an idiot and that you should shut up (but probably in a much less polite tone than I will post here).

I find it sad that the the Interent is turning into a sort of digital playground where the biggest bullies are the “winners”. It makes me sadder still to think that this may only be a symptom of a greater problem in society today. It has always been my belief that the more reasonable voices would prevail instead of the loudest voices, but I fear that I am continuously being proved wrong.

This brings me to something that came to mind a while back when Google+ was just beginning. The plus sign has a few different meanings, but one of them is to represent something positive. I would encourage everyone to look at that when making a post or a comment on a post, and think about what you are going to write. As you are looking at the plus sign, ask your self these questions:

Remember, it is not wrong to have an opinion. It is not wrong to disagree with others. It is not wrong to tell others that you disagree. Telling others to “shut up,” however, does nothing constructive. The Internet has plenty of trolls already, let’s keep Google+ as a sanctuary for rational, constructive, and positive discussion.