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Handy Sale Advertisement Guide.

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In this holiday season (and pretty much any other time, now) it is nearly impossible to avoid the bombardment of advertisements. Maybe i’ve been growing cynical, but i have become a lot more antagonistic toward companies that advertise in ways i don’t like. So here is the handy guide i use to interpret ads.

  1. Sign says: “Deals starting at just $20!”

    i read: “Absolutely nothing under $20”

  2. Sign says: “Save at up to $10!”

    i read: “You cannot save more than $10”

  3. Sign says: “Buy one get one half off”

    i read: “Spend 50% more than you were planning”

  4. Product has a celebrity endorsement

    We could not sell this product without bribing someone rich and famous to say it’s good.

  5. Sign says: “Make your holiday complete…”

    i read: “You will be complete… until we release the next version”

Obviously there are a lot more of these, and i will add more as i think of them. In the mean time, happy holidays!